If you love cheese and alcohol, this selection is made for you.

The term "Drunken Cheese" refers to the cheese that has been bathe and aged in wine and grape pomace respectively. These cheese imparts complex and bold flavours with unique sweetness and delicate aroma. 

Selection includes:

- Formajo Ciok 200g

From the family of Drunken cheeses, Formajo Ciok literally translates as "Drunk Cheese" from the ancient Venetian dialect. The cheeses are matured in cabernet sauvignon pomace which forms a natural crust on the rind and imparts the light paste with a wonderful aroma and a winey aspect on the finish.

- Ubriaco Al Vino 200g

From the family of Drunken cheeses, Ubriaco is aged in the pomace from Prosecco production which imparts a beautiful wine aroma and a very pleasant slightly boozey flavour towards the rind.

- Fior d'Arancio 200g

The creamy blue cheese is marinated in Fior d'Arancio DOCG, a Passito Straw Wine for 30 days, Thereafter it is dry aged and finally finished with orange peel. The balance is perfect with a slightly salty & creamy blue cheese blending seemlessly with the sweet floral notes of the Fior d'Arancio.

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