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Shiokawa, Cowboy Yamahai (Tender)(SMV +3.6) (720ML)


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    COWBOY YAMAHAI Tender was created for the COWBOY YAMAHAI series as a product to pair with meat dishes from the world. While it has ample acidity and savoriness, the alcohol content has been held to 14.5%, making it easy to drink Sake during a meal. This was developed as a way to export to Western countries which prefer lower alcohol contents, and as a response from those who feel that high alcohol content Sake is too strong to drink. While the alcohol content has been reduced somewhat, it still has depth of flavor at 14.5%, the standard level for red wines, and the gentle, refreshing savoriness of Yamahai balances well with the richness of a steak. Given its flowery, fruity aroma and dry, crispy taste, as well as its lighter, gentler feel, this Japanese Sake can comfortably be drunk by anyone.

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